Rosebank Dancing School have several dance classes in Kirkintilloch available, allowing us to cater for all adults and children and develop your skills with all dancing. Being based in Kirkintilloch, we are just a short distance from Glasgow and offer the ideal location to anyone looking for dance classes in Kirkintilloch. The dance classes we have available are listed below.

To find out more about our dance classes in Kirkintilloch please call us on 07713 075 151.


With its graceful, flowing and precise movements, Ballet is the foundation for many different dance disciplines. A classical style of expressive dance, combining conventional steps and movements of strength, elegance and fluidity.


Tap is all about sound and rhythm. Here we wear tap shoes to create rhythmical variation while we dance and develop musicality and showmanship.

Modern Jazz

This is a theatrical dance style with its origins in jazz music. Nowadays we perform to all types of music developing flexibility, strength and energy whilst encouraging freedom of musical expression.


Is an expressive dance style which includes elements from modern jazz, lyrical and classical genres. The class focuses on alignment, control, spatial awareness and musical interpretation striving to connect mind and body through the expression of dance and music.


Is our national dance style where we wear our customary Scottish outfits. Many different dances are taught including ‘The Highland Fling’ and ‘The Sword Dance’ building up on our technique, stamina and precision.

Song & Dance

Here we develop a vital link between singing and dancing. A variety of styles of song are studied and expressed through dance. This class is very good for building confidence in the performance of our young students.

Acrobatic Dance

Is a combination of dance techniques with lots of acrobatic elements. It teaches us to bend, stretch and twist in a safe and fun environment, promoting balance, agility and coordination.

Cheer Dance

Combines many of our dance skills with the use of poms. It uses the technical basics of modern jazz, precise cheerleading movements and jumps, providing an exciting form of exercise and encouraging self-esteem and precision of dance.


Is the skill of baton twirling, marching and dancing in various styles. Its origins come from parades and marching bands, but nowadays, in its own rights, it is a very popular form of artistic dance.

Street Dance

A dance style that evolved originally outside of dance studios and schools in such places as streets, school playgrounds and nightclubs. This style of dance is now embraced worldwide and has become popular at different levels and styles as not only a form of physical exercise but also an art form. It is improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction with others.


Our pre-school class introduces your child to a world of music and dance in an imaginative atmosphere interacting with others, exploring movement through jumping, skipping, stretching and mime.

Toddle Toes

This is a fun toddler (18mths+) and parent class where music and accessories are used in movements and games, creating a happy and ‘gigglesome’ environment.

Adult Classes

  • Adult Tap
  • Dancercise – An adult keep fit class with a dance twist.

SQA Qualifications

Rosebank Dancing School in conjunction with an SQA centre also offers students the opportunity to study dance and gain SQA National 4 and Higher Dance Qualifications. Click here to view our Timetable.


To book any of our dance classes in Kirkintilloch, contact Rosebank Dancing School today. Make an enquiry and call 07713 075 151 or fill in our contact form for a fast response.

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